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Consumers and business owners expect the very latest features for a flawless banking experience. We offer the most advanced digital banking platform in the industry so you can exceed their expectations.


Designed holistically.


All of our solutions are designed to be used together, shaping every facet of the ecosystem in which a customer or member manages their finances.

Online and Mobile

Access Online and Mobile Banking offers the latest innovative features, from remote check deposit to biometric authentication to advanced member targeting, all highly configurable from an industry-leading admin tool to help achieve your goals.

Account Opening

Our simple, powerful online account opening solution includes customizable workflows, segmentation, personalization to reach key demographics, A/B testing, cross-marketing opportunities, and secure fraud prevention tools built atop artificial intelligence.


Our 24/7 lending suite offers end-to-end, fully automated consumer lending, short-term lending, pre-approved lending, credit cards, and balance transfers. Applicants rave about the intuitive user experience and time-saving, pre-populated fields.

Commercial Banking

Access Softek supports small business owners in the heart of our communities. Access Commercial creates a seamless online and mobile banking experience, which means less time managing money and more time making money.

Automated Investment

The first robo-advisor designed to seamlessly integrate with any online and mobile banking platform, EasyVest helps community institutions tap into the $73 trillion investment market, provides wealth-building services, and encourages retention.

Real-Time Fraud Control

Fraud Control focuses on real-time prevention, not after-the-breach detection. Guided by your administrator calibrations and its own constant retraining, Fraud Control’s A.I. detects and scores suspicious behaviors.

Winner of CUNA Technology Council’s Best of Show in 2020, Biometric Authentication Manager offers modern consumer authentication by triggering device biometrics. Shortened on-hold/wait times create an exceptional experience.

Video-, chat- and voice-based applications bring personal banking service to your digital banking environment. Humanize the digital experience, enhance self-service, and benefit from real-time conversation between consumers and support teams.



Build your ideal solution.


Most of our digital banking platform solutions can be used independently to accommodate your unique needs. We also have a very robust Software Development Kit to build your own applications, and with our long and ever-growing list of partner integrations, you will get used to hearing:
Yes, we can do that!

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