Omnichannel Account Opening

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Omnichannel Account Opening

Omnichannel Account Opening from Access Softek is a critical tool to grow your community across the online and mobile banking channels. Not only is it web-based, cross-channel, mobile-optimized, and built atop responsive design architecture — it also includes customizable workflows, segmentation and personalization to reach key demographics, A/B testing, cross-marketing opportunities, and secure fraud prevention tools built atop artificial intelligence. Plus, identity verification is as easy as taking a picture.

The average age of a credit union member in the U.S. is 47. Omnichannel Account Opening from Access Softek offers a solution to the aging membership problem: our very first OAO customer saw membership applications nearly quadruple with 70% of those applications coming from the mobile channel.

Features you’ll love:

  • Desktop and mobile support
  • A friendly, personalized UI that reflects your values and brand
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Mobile-focused features like a barcode reader, auto-validated ID images, and facial comparison to IDs-
  • Admin tools for easy management
  • Analytics, tags, and A/B testing
  • Decisioning
  • The ability to resume incomplete applications

Case studies:

  • One credit union moved away from online-only account opening with their Access Softek OAO go-live. Their membership applications increased by 300% within two weeks. 70% of these applications were through the mobile channel, confirming the importance of omnichannel mobile-first strategies. Their mobile applications were distinctly younger than online applicants: almost half their new applicants fell into the 25-35 age range, while less than 30% of online applicants fit that demographic.
  • Mobile account opening is every bit as fast as online account opening. Data shows only a 35-second difference between channels, proving the ease and speed of anywhere, anytime applications.
  • Read more about one credit union’s successful OAO implementation.
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