Mobile Finance Manager


Ask any of our employees why the mobile channel is so crucial for financial institution success and you’ll quickly learn how enthusiastic we are about mobile-first innovation. That’s why we say Access Softek is mobile-first and A.I. everywhere.

Since 2004, Mobile Finance Manager (MFM for short) has integrated three key mobile banking technologies: native downloadable apps, mobile-optimized web, and SMS. This triple-play approach may be an industry standard now, but Access Softek was the first to offer it. It’s not the first time we were instrumental in changing the digital banking landscape. It won’t be the last.

Along the way, we’ve constantly evolved (and never sunset) MFM to include the latest innovations in mobile technology: we allow your members to deposit checks and pay bills with their camera, manage their cards from anywhere, move money on many different rails, get rich insight into their financial health with credit scores and PFM, and much more.

Join the mobile-first generation.