Our clients

We’d like to be able to tell you all about our clients and projects, but it wouldn’t make them happy.

While NDAs restrict our ability to provide details, we can tell you this much about our LLVM development clients:

  • They include Fortune 500 companies and household names with international scope
  • They are technology companies on the cutting edge of their fields
  • Our work on LLVM is foundational to the success of a major share of some of our largest clients
  • Our work on LLVM allowed them to replace their previous technology with superior solutions, resulting in improvements for tens of thousands of developers

How we work together

Our experience means we have the breadth and depth to take on any kind of project in LLVM and related technologies:

  • Complete projects from beginning to end.
  • Project-specific consultation services
  • Long-term consultation
  • Short-term assistance to get your project to market faster

Access Softek has the knowledge, experience, and drive to commit to your project’s success. We have a long track record of delivering on our promises.