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Use Access Softek's lending solution to help you increase loans, monetize your digital channels, and reach your community instantly.



Loans to suit every need.

Our fintech lending platform works on both mobile and online channels to identify eligibility for pre-approved and short-term loans, photo balance transfers, credit cards, and traditional options like vehicle, personal, and home equity loans.

Extend loans to new members.

Once the loan application is submitted, the new applicant can open an account without re-submitting information. One client saw a 25% increase in non-member loans when they switched to our lending platform.

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"A couple of simple principles drive conversion for any good lending platform. Don't ask users to input things you already know the answer to, and meet the applicant where they're at, whether it's at a desktop in their home office, or on a phone at a dealership. Our omnichannel lending product is a good example of these principles in action.”

Product Manager, Access Softek
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Lending drives measurable growth.

• One client saw 111 loan applications in a week — before marketing.
• Another saw $1 million in balance transfers in a month, followed by $19 million in pre-approved credit card requests.
• One client saw a 95% instant funding rate on 5,900 short-term loan applications.

Lending leads to broader banking opportunities.

Access Softek clients find our lending platform opens doors to broader banking relationships using our enterprise suite of services. Check out our other innovative products below.

Take your lending platform to the next level.

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