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Your communities deserve a quick, secure investment option with the institution they know and trust. EasyVest is perfect for attracting young adults and growing wealth through the generations.

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy.

We understand that starting to invest can be overwhelming for members of all experience levels. That is why we designed the first robo-advisor tool that directly integrates with your online and mobile banking platforms. Members can easily access the tool and begin investing with whatever minimum amount you choose.

Everyone wins.

EasyVest is free for your credit union beyond initial setup and implementation. Plus, your members pay annual fees that are generally lower than those paid when a human advisor is involved.

A win-win
Compete with big banks

Compete with big banks.

Credit unions and community banks do well at cross-selling in general, but members often choose to invest with a bigger firm. Providing an easy, automated investment service will inspire members to grow their wealth with you.

"What a tremendous opportunity this is for our members to begin investing. We see the addition of this innovative solution as a true competitive advantage.”

CEO, Sno Falls Credit Union

Automated investment services are on the rise - here's what you have to know.

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EasyVest is the first robo-advisor designed to seamlessly integrate with any bank or credit union online and mobile banking platform. This automation brings community institutions a tool to tap into the $73 trillion investment market.

Through the partnership, DriveWealth will integrate with our new investing app, EasyVest, which will be distributed via banks and credit unions, and will provide trade execution, clearing, settlement and custody services for the transactions.

Through this agreement, Corporate One, with a deep understanding of what credit unions need, provides an important seal of approval and will offer EasyVest to the nearly 800 credit unions in its network.

Access Softek CEO Chris Doner and Sno Falls Credit Union CEO Tim Williams joined CUbroadcast to share why Sno Falls chose to implement a robo-advisor into its wealth management program.

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