Mobile Locator

Mobile Locator... Leading customers right to your door

Imagine one of your best customers walking down the street in a strange part of town and wondering where your nearest branch is. One might be very close, but how would he or she know?

Mobile Locator uses the latest cell phone technology including GPS and cell-tower triangulation to quickly and easily connect your on-the-go customers with your branches, ATMs, and vital services. The program is easy to implement and your financial institution can be up and running in a matter of days.


Your customers will love the convenience of the new service, your IT department will love how little involvement is required on their part, and your marketing department will love getting real-time data on how your customers are using mobile phones to access services.

Branch Location Accessibility

The decision to build a new branch to serve more customers is usually a difficult one for banks and credit unions. When you add up the costs for the building itself, furnishings, staffing, and marketing, the investment can be considerable. That is where Mobile Locator can help.

First, by making your existing branches more accessible, you create more opportunities for face-to-face marketing and sales, reduce the rate of customer turnover, and enhance branch visibility — effectively increasing your number of branches for just pennies per customer.

Second, Mobile Locator also helps new branches achieve profitability more quickly by directing existing customers right to your new location and serving as a major selling point for potential new customers.

Mobile Locator is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to offer mobile services to your customers or members.

Try it with your mobile phone today.