Access Softek applications are built with the most secure “hand shakes” (authentication) available. They have been integrated through Single-Sign-On (SSO) with a number of third parties and we have an in-house Multi-Factor Authentication solution that is compliant with the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) specifications.

Conceptually, our highly evolved authentication technology is modeled on True Multi-Factor Authentication

  • The ownership factors: Something the user has (e.g., smart phones)
  • The knowledge factors: Something the user knows (e.g., a password, a personal identification number [PIN])
  • The inheritance factors: Something the user is or does (e.g., biometric identifier)
  • Where the user is

Additionally, Cybermetric Systems - a division of Access Softek - provides advanced security for their clients with its cost-effective and user-friendly Multi-Factor Authentication technology, the Cybermetric Authentication™ Platform.

This unique and highly evolved platform was developed with the highest standards of reliability, efficiency, and design in conjunction with cost effective pricing that will result in a significant return on your investment. 

Features unique to our service include:

  1. Two-factor authentication for web-based services and VPN access
  2. Digital signing of important documents: taxes, contracts, and online purchases
  3. Information Control, Management and Auditing:
  • Restrict access of information to those authorized to see it
  • Provide an audit trail of information passing between disparate organizations
  • Dynamically revoke or extend information access privileges regardless of where the information currently resides